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Paul Vorgang

Berlin 1860 -
Berlin 1927

Paul Vorgang studied at the Berlin academy under Professor Eugen Bracht. By 1886 Vorgang had become an assistant teacher at the "Akademie der bildenden Künste" in Charlottenburg. Two years later the artist received the Small Gold Medal in Berlin. In 1896 Vorgang began to teach in the studio for landscape painting at the academy and was appointed professor.
In his paintings the artist showed a preference for the austere Brandenburg landscapes and motifs taken from the immediate surroundings of Berlin, such as the Grunewald forest. From 1883 Vorgang contributed to the exhibtion of the Berlin art academy and from 1893 he showed his work at the "Große Berliner Kusntausstellung".
Paul Vorgang stopped painting in 1924. Three years later he died in Berlin. His paintings can be seen at the Berlin "Nationalgalerie", the City Art Museum in St. Louis, Missouri and other museums.

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